On Blogging…

As an academe, we are all expected to write or at least contribute something related in our field of study like doing journals, manuscripts and the dreaded research. Even in government, media or businesses alike one needs to write reports agendas and the like.

Next to speed reading with comprehension of course is writing. Writers common problem is writer’s block. I haven’t met a writer who never encountered it and most of them said they seek inspiration to keep there pen flowing or in modern technology parlance, keep their fingers walking on keyboard (I know what your thinking… Touch screens!).

Why blog? Other than a way of sharpening our skill in writing, it inspire us to share our thoughts and experiences to other readers and not knowing that the writer had helped someone through his/her posts. Is it not great that through your blog posts readers learned something or even made someone better? Well, for me before writing online, I learned new ways and things by reading blogs and some I applied in my life’s activities that made my career, family, friends and my faith strong but yes it is a never ending process in which we should learn. In other words, those that are beyond my reach made me grab it and those within me, I realized to better let go.

This post is for the online writers and bloggers with their passion in writing to share and without knowing filled the reader’s cup of knowledge and at least made someone strive for the better. Keep the words flowing peeps! I hope in my other posts to come I may replicate these kind of online writers/bloggers.

But my inspiration to write of course is ‘YOU’ my dear reader. Thanks for dropping by…


Blogging here i go….

Welcome to my blog site! This is my very first blog and hope I may satisfy my readers in any way. Expect to see different topics and interests in my posts as I share to you my point of view in every matter that I come across with that may be interesting to me and to other readers.

I will try to update my blogs as often as I can to suffice the contents of any new ideas learned or seen inĀ  my day to day wok and activity. As my blog would shift from one interest to another, of course I will still focus more on my field of expertise as you will see.

Thanks for dropping by…