My beautiful picture

Photo shot with Film slr at f8, shutter 125, Acros 100


In the historic district of Manila, Intramuros also known as The Walled City where architectural gems erect. The place is known for historic structures.






This is a saving grace especially out in the city where temperature and humidity strikes high.

Imagine your on field work assignment doing part of documentary work and it is an all time high temperature. Sweat, thirst and exhaustion strikes. The skies are clear as if no clouds filtering the sun’s rays. No time to go in an air-conditioned cafe’s or the likes because of deadlines to beat. Then you see a blooming tree with deep dark green leaves swaying like calling you under its wings. You do is rush under the thick branches of leaves. Oh yes…, not only a relief but recharges your body to go on forward your next demanding schedules.

I appreciate the beauty of the trees for some I’ve seen are almost a hundred years old they were here before us and have witnessed the test of times good and bad that some of us would like to know more about. It had shaded a simple no one person who became someone (who know’s). Some trees are full of stories from the elders.

No matter what story tells of a tree. Thank you!